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Our Year So Far...
Spring 2018

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of children's writing in a wide range of styles.

Opening Up Values

Click the picture to view 6R's work on 'Opening Up Values'

*HERE are four sets of work from Year 1*

1F: My Special Person *** 1F: What Makes You Happy

1H: Happiness *** 1H: Valentines Mansion

*Library Displays*
*Newspaper articles written by 4T about Sutton Hoo*
*And finally some work from the Reception class*
'Other Types of Writing' An assortment of styles and subjects
Aariyaki 3B
Aariyaki 3B

Prayer Poems

Our world is filled with hatred and love,
war and peace,
lightness and darkness,
those who tell lies, and those who tell the truth.
Bring hope to despair,
Bring happiness to sadness.

We will help the poor,
We will comfort the sad,

We will be good to everyone,
No matter who they are.

Help those who are in need,
Unite those who are apart,
Be loving to the people who have been hateful,
Seek happiness when surrounded by sadness,
Find hope through a mist of uncertainty,
Never give up even when others do so,
Bring peace to those in war,
And... spread joy to the dark hearts.

Help me bring love where there is hate
Hope where there is doubt
Happiness where there is sadness
Faith where there is disbelief

Help me forgive no matter what
help me help, never harm
help me be brave and never fear
Sienna, Aadam

Abheer, Shaan 6B
Abheer, Shaan 6B

Evaluation Writing

I enjoyed learning about peace, as I got to see a lot of thoughts and feelings from different people’s perspective. I enjoyed the Flag as it gave us a chance to be artistic. I thought I could have improved my story. Learning about peace made me realise that quite a lot of people in the world are still fighting for peace (even after Martin Luther King!). This was definitely one of my favourite subjects to learn about.

I have learnt a lot from the subject of Peace, like the fact that war is not always the answer and that peace holds the whole world together. My favourite part was when we did the Remembrance Assembly and spread the message of peace to parents and children. Peace is a big subject and I think we covered it well, all the way from the Tree to the Peace Flags. As well as this, the Pyramid of Values showed great aspects of peace and that love, strength of mind and acceptance are all things connected to peace. Overall, I learnt a lot from this subject.

Arya 3B
Arya 3B
Rucha 6B
Rucha 6B
Thank You Letters
Agampreet 2G
Agampreet 2G
Amani 3J
Amani 3J
Easa 3J
Easa 3J
Faris 3J
Hamna 3J
Mary  6R
Mary 6R
Reyansh  2G
Reyansh 2G
Sanaya 3J
Sanaya 3J
Anti Bullying Posters
Faatima-Bunita 2G
Faatima-Bunita 2G
Faris 3J
Faris 3J
Milun 2S
Milun 2S
Misbah 4T
Misbah 4T
Shivani 4T
Shivani 4T
Year 6 Christmas Sale and Christmas posters
Christmas Sale 1
Christmas Sale 2
The Year 6 Christmas posters were linked to a maths project they undertook, planning, advertising and selling their wares in an 'Apprentice'-style task
Christmas Poster 1
Christmas Poster 2
Christmas Poster 3
Christmas Poster 4
Christmas Poster 5
Christmas Poster 6
Christmas Poster 7
Christmas Poster 8
Christingle 1 Christingle 2
'Seasons' posters
Seasons 1
Seasons 2
Seasons 3
Seasons 4
Two photos of class 1F doing some maths on a number line.
IF maths 1
IF maths 2
2G. We pretended to be different kinds of materials. What material do you think we are?
Freshwater science workshop. We had to tell the professor everything we knew about materials and find different materials in our school.
2G playing time bingo. We were learning to match analogue and digital times.
Time bingo
We worked so hard learning and talking about materials that we hatched a new exploratorium from a red egg. I think we shocked the professor with all our knowledge about materials.

Year 5 children participated in an Ancient Egyptian workshop on Monday 9th October.

The workshop was fun and interactive and involved activities throughout the day. They learnt about what happens following the death of a mighty Pharaoh, including tomb building, the mummification process, burial ceremonies and the crowning of the new Pharaoh. Other activities included:

• Doing basic maths the Egyptian way, and learning how to measure in cubits.
• Discovering fascinating facts during an Egyptian-themed  quiz.
• Playing an easy Egyptian board game called Hounds and Jackals.
• Looking at Egyptian artefacts and way of  life.

Egyptian 1 Egyptian 2
Egyptian 3
Egyptian 4