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Our Year So Far...
Autumn 2017

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This year's Remembrance Assembly, featuring Year 6, was based on Michael Foreman's classic 'War Game: Village Green to No-Man's-Land'. Here are some photos of the assembly, captioned with extracts from the book, and some related artwork.

1. Year 6 War Game Assembly

2. 'Britons! Your country needs YOU!'

3. 'The whole of Southampton turned out to see them off.'

4. '...the coast of England faded behind them' (Diya Taheem)

5. 'Then at last they were off the trains and marching... the troops were cheered all the way' (Saraan Shakeel)

6. '... the men climbed onto the fire-step, rifles clutched with numb fingers and bayonets  fixed.'

7. 'Immediately a vast, fast and furious football match was underway.'

8. '... a few days later, the Germans mounted a full-scale attack. They were met by rapid and deadly fire from the British and were forced  back.'

9. 'Suddenly they all seemed to be tackled at once. The whole line went down.'

War faces 1 - Airman (Akshat Bajaj)

War faces 2 - Infantryman (Sophia Siddique)

War faces 3 - Officer (Yusuf Zia)

War faces 4 - VAD Nurse (Jemima Kawa)

Open day 1
Open day 2
Open day 3
Open day 4
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